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Smaller, lighter and smarter solutions that make our customers more competitive.


In Focus

Open Position: Project Manager
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New E-mail Address
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Open Position: Senior RF Filter Engineer
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Where it all begun: our first site in Naples, Florida

Our story

Today we are a technology leader in radio frequency (RF) filtering serving customers rapidly and flexibly across the globe, but like many successful technology companies we started out with little more than an idea. For us this idea is smaller, lighter and smarter solutions that make our customers more competitive.
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Product highlight

Prism has developed a new DVB-T filter. UNIVERSAL 60 is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use across Europe in multiple use scenarios.
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Prism Microwave also offers a variety of cross band combiners that are characterized by the low insertion loss over broad bandwidths, our products provide the highest degree of flexibility for mobile carriers.
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Customer Cases


"Our carrier customers are sensitive to cost and turn-around times for products requiring service..." - Major OEM Customer
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“The most important asset for us as a network operator is the wireless spectrum we own. We want to utilize..." - Mobile Operator
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"The DVB-T opportunity in the UK was significant, this much we knew from the start and together with Prism we were able to focus..." - Link Microtek
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Our belief is that working within the most innovative ecosystem is key when making our customers more competitive.
Therefore, we work openly and in-depth with suppliers and other partners across the industry who share our mind-set and values. We are always on the lookout for new partners - talk to us.


Code of Conduct

Open and honest business practices and communication are key aspects of Prism’s values. In order for Prism to further improve its corporate citizenship we are implementing a Code of Conduct framework based on the UN Global Compact's ten principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption.
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